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Kubota Japanese Cuisine

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Located in Petersham (inner-western Sydney) is the Japanese restaurant, KUBOTA.

The restaurant itself is styled in a homely fashion and is very much a reflection of the owner’s welcoming nature.

Within the comforts of these confines also lies an almost samurai-like passion to serve great food to all those who visit.

Drop by KUBOTA for a casual experience to taste the wonderful flavours of Japanese cuisine.

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Hello from Restaurant

The owner and head chef Koji Kubota, sharpened his skills at the popular Japanese seafood restaurant SAKANA-YA for 16 years before venturing out to create his own signature flavour in February 2019 with the opening of this restaurant.

His vision was to bring the flavors of Japanese cuisine and spread its joy, in this area with few Japanese establishments, by offering up most of his exquisite – tasting creations for less than $20 per dish.

There are approximately 10 daily specials of constantly changing fleeting flavours utilising the best ingredients of the day and season.

A variety of different sake can also be found to complement the different dishes. Feel free to ask the friendly owner or Japanese restaurant staff for some recommendations.

Kubota goes all the way to the markets to see the fish for himself to ensure that he has personally approved everything served in his

restaurant -this is one aspect he will absolutely not compromise on. He also tastes all of his dishes and will not serve anything hefinds sub­-par.


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Restaurant info

Lunch: Wednesday-Monday 11:30-14:00

Dinner: Wednesday-Monday 17:30-21:00

Closed: Tuesday

Address: Shop1&2, 98-106 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049, Australia

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