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Washoku Lovers is a project run by SD Marketing Global, which has fast become Australia’s largest Japanese Food Culture Community. As well as the Washoku Lovers community, SDMG organises large-scale events including Washoku Lovers Kitchen, inaugural restaurant openings and one-off product and menu launches.
SDMG launched in June 2014 as a start-up in Sydney. We are in a unique position: possessing both expert knowledge of Japanese Food Culture, and also the marketing acumen to successfully appeal to the Australian audience.

Here at SDMG, we wish to position ourself as specialists in media relations and PR, with the ultimate goal to spread the word about Japanese Food Culture.

SD Marketing Global Pty Ltd

Company name: SD Marketing Global
ABN: 60 169 868 099
ACN: 169 868 099
Address: Suite 604/74 Pitt Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000

Yuri Tazunoki
Founder & Owner @ Washoku Lovers
Managing Director @ SDMG

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