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SUN Reito Udon 5PCS 2/6/1.25Kg

Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle, served in its simplest form as kake udon – that is, udon in kakejiru sauce made up or mirin, soy, and dashi stock. This can be served hot or cold so you can have it all year round! Keep SUN Reito Udon in your pantry for quick, easy meals.

HIME Dried Soba Noodle 12/720g

Soba noodles are a healthier option as they’re made from buckwheat. They can be eaten hot with a dipping sauce, or cold in salads with chicken and vegetables. Try eating them with a sesame based sauce for a great flavour combination!

HIME Dried Udon Noodle 12/800g

Udon are a thick Japanese noodle which are served as a meal of their own. You can eat them hot in Winter with a dashi soup and lots of vegetables, or cold in the Summer with tempura! Popular dishes include nabeyaki udon and tanuki udon.

SAI Edamame 30/300g

SAI Edamame are frozen as soon as the edamame are at their best to ensure you always get a quality product. Simply thaw to room temperature or place in boiling water to make them hot and steamy. Serve as an entree, a side dish, or have as a snack on its own! Edamame are the perfect healthy accompaniment to any dish.


Todakyu Morioka Reimen 10/390g

Morioka Reimen is a specialty dish from the Tohoku region of Japan. It’s served cold and can have all sorts of crazy toppings like egg, cucumber, and watermelon! No need to travel all the way to Japan though, as you can enjoy this dish in the comfort of your own home thanks to Todakyu.

JA Aoren Kibouno Shizuku (Apple Juice) 6/1L

Japanese fruit juices are known for being extremely refreshing and much healthier than fruit juices from Western countries. Aoren Kibouno Shizuku apple juice is no exception to this! Known for its rich taste, this apple juice is made from 100% Aomori Prefecture apples. It’s often bought as a souvenir due to its regional speciality.

Tonami Yuzu Kajyu 2/20/120ml

Yuzu is the Japanese citrus that is somewhere between an orange and a lemon. It’s bitter yet sweet flavour makes it ideal for desserts likes jelly, cake, or ice cream. It also matches well with many alcohols for fruity cocktails! Have fun with this Summer flavour, and keep some stored away for use in Winter.

KH Hamaguri Brown 2/10/500g

Enjoy these clams shell and all! Frozen at their very best to ensure freshness, Hamaguri Brown clams are an easy solution to making an impressive dinner. Ensure you clean the clams well, removing any sand. Make a simple sauce of mirin and butter to add flavour.

TEP Takoyaki 20g 10/1kg

If you’re having a big get together, takoyaki are the perfect share food. These balls are filled with a cube of octopus and cooked to a crisp perfection. To heat back up, deep fry, oven bake, or microwave. Have a few or have a lot and keep the rest in the freezer to bring back out the next time someone stops by unannounced.

HK Mochi Ice Strawberry

Hello Kitty is the adorable Sanri ocharacter who has just about every product imaginable. Of no except is this delightful strawberry flavoured ice mochi. With a thin mochi coating, bite into this refressing frozen dessert, the perfect size for a little treat and great in the Summer heat.

UOGASHI Chuka Wakame 12/200g

Chuka Wakame is a conveniently sized pack of frozen wakame seaweed. Thaw it to make a refreshing seaweed salad and serve it as an entree or a side dish to any meal. There are also many health benefits to seaweed.


WP Tempurako 24/300g

Tempurako literally means “tempura baby” because it is the little bits of tempura batter which get flicked off when frying things. These little extra bits are scooped up and saved to add crunch and taste to other dishes. Add it to the top of a rice bowl, the top of udon or anything you like!

WINE FOOD Mirin 12/880ml

Mirin is a type of sake which is much sweeter and used for cooking instead of drinking. Different regions of Japan use mirin differently, and there are different types of mirin, but the most common is using it to create sauces like teriyaki, or mixing it into rice.

HANA Cup Shiro Miso 6/500g

Shiro Miso is the white variety of miso paste which is made from fermented soybeans and rice grains. It has a sweeter flavour than other varieties of miso, and is best used in condiments like mayonnaise, salad dressings, and sauces. Of course you can always use it to make miso soup, too!

WP Panko 24/200g

Panko and Japanese breadcrumbs and the literal translation is “bread baby”! As cute as the name is, it’s also delicious as a coating for fried foods like chicken or pork cutlets. Cook in a very light oil for the best crunch and taste.

WINE FOOD Ryorishu 12/880ml

Usually sake is for drinking, but just like wine made from grapes it also comes in a variety specific for cooking. It’s a more coarse taste which can be used with salt and sugar and other tastes to balance a meal. Ryorishu is especially well matched with seafood and fish. Use it to make a glaze or sauce over the top of your seafood.

YMY Genmaicha Tea Bag 12/48g

Japanese Genmaicha is a special blend of green tea leaves and roasted brown rice. It has a full flavour and is slightly nutty from the roasted rice. This is the perfect cup of tea to have if your stomach is feeling a little off, or between meals.

Musubi Shirataki 14pc 24/230g

Shirataki noodles are very thin, translucent noodles which have almost no calories and are extremely healthy! Made from a type of yam, these noodles are packaged wet and can be rinsed or even dried before using to cook with. Add them to hot pot, or eat them with a dipping sauce.

HIME Chasoba 12/640g

“Cha” means tea in Japanese, so chasoba is soba noodles with tea as an ingredient! These noodles have powdered green tea added to them, giving them their beautiful colour. Often served cold in Japan, you can also have these hot.

PT Amazu Shoga Pink 4/25/80g

This beautiful pink coloured pickled ginger has a sharp ginger taste which is used to clean out other flavours from your mouth in between dishes. Use this method of eating to help you appreciate each dish in all its glory!

HIME Natto 4 Dan 12/160g

Natto fermented soy beans are a diet staple in many parts of Japan. Each box has 4 single serves, each with a packet of mustard sauce. Mix the sauce and the beans together and eat with rice for the best flavour.

MIYAZAKI Takuwan L 20/450g

Takuwan is pickled daikon radish. It has a satisfying crunch and is often served as a side dish to traditional style meals, or cut into strips and used in sushi for added texture. It has a slightly sweet taste and is said to aid digestion.

NAGAI Hon Asakusa Red (Nori Seaweed) 4/12/10s

Nori is a type of seaweed which is dried and roasted into flat sheets. Use it to roll up sushi, or eat it as is for a nutritious snack! There are many health benefits to seaweed, but they also taste delicious with a slightly salty flavour and crisp texture.

JFC Katsuo Bushi SOFT 3/20/25g

Katsuo Bushi might not sound familiar, but you’ve probably heard of bonito flakes. Japanese bonito flakes are made from bonito fish which are dried and then shaved to create these delicate flakes which move beautifully when placed on top of hot foods. They’re regularly added to the top of takoyaki and okonomiyaki, but they’re also a vital ingredient in dashi stock!

FUJI Unagi Kabayaki 2/20/250g

This delicious eel comes already prepared and flavoured in a frozen pack meaning it’s easy to pull out of the freezer for a quick meal. The marinade is a sweet soy sauce base and provides all the flavour you need – there’s absolutely no work in perfecting this eel! For the easiest dish, serve hot over rice for a hearty unagi donburi.

TOKYO RAMEN Chicken 4/12/120g

TOKYO RAMEN is an instant ramen that still retains the original feel of the very first instant ramens! There’s no flavour sachet as it’s already on the dried noodles, so just add hot water. You’ll be impressed by the light soy based soup that develops. Add toppings of your choice to personalise your meal!

JFC Baby Chikuwa 20/500g

Chikuwa is made from seafood ingredients, seasonings, and egg whites. It’s then wrapped around bamboo to make the tube shape and cooked. This unique and interesting flavour is great to eat as it is, or to cut up and use in your home cooking. Perfectly sized as a sushi filling, or stuff the insides with vegetables, or cheese.

MAEDAEN Matcha Silver (Green Tea Powder) 2/12/28g

Matcha is the latest flavour craze and it’s time to try it at home! Mix with hot water for simple green tea, or sprinkle over vanilla ice cream for a refreshing cold dessert. A great ingredient to add to home made cakes.

JFC Seto Fumi BTL Furikake 3/10/50g (Katsuo Mirin, Nori)

Furikake is a type of miscellaneous seasonings used to mix into or top rice, often found in onigiri. You can add it to the top of your dishes for extra flavour, or for decoration. Try making an onigiri bento box with furikake!

Hotel Mayo Classic 24/400g

Japanese Mayo is a crowd pleaser and it will go on just about anything. Add it to home made pork or chicken katsu, sandwiches, or with fish. It has a creamier and more eggy flavour than Western mayonnaise, try not to get addicted!

WP Fueru Cut Wakame 36/56.7g

Add flavour to plain dishes with WP Fueru Cut Wakame! Add to soups, make onigiri, or sprinkle over rice dishes for a finishing touch. Wakame is a type of dried seaweed which will bring a refreshing texture and sense of the sea to all your dishes. There’s many health benefits to seaweed, so sprinkle it on everything.

MIYA Hogure Yakisoba 90/150g

The perfect alternative to flying to Japan for lunch is to get yourself MIYA Hogure Yakisoba. Delicious and fresh noodles ready to be cooked with your favourite vegetables and meats for a hearty meal. Cook on a super hot flat surface or wok for best results.

Lucky Stick Family 4/10/120g

A crisp biscuit stick dipped in creamy frosting! Perfect for nibbling on while studying or working. Buy a share pack for when friends come over, or keep a stash in your desk drawer. Lucky Stick Family coated biscuits will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

WP Shioyude Edamame 10/454g

Edamame are boiled soybeans still in their pod and lightly salted for a savoury balance of flavour. Find frozen whole soybean pods inside ready to be heated and eaten. Thaw to room temperature or lightly blanch for a hot snack. To eat, suck the beans out of the pod to get the salty flavour.


NISHIKI Sushi Rice 12/1kg

Look for the bright red NISHIKI logo and you know you’ve found a quality sushi rice. Sushi rice is a white, short grain rice, with a high starch content. This is what makes it so sticky! Try making your own sushi at home.

Kanikama Filament 12cm 20/500g

These frozen seafood sticks come vacuumed sealed for freshness and quality assurement. Kanikama Filament can be portioned out and kept in the freezer for later use. Seafood sticks are perfect inside sushi rolls, cut up in salads, or eaten as a snack.

KIMURA Ramune E 30/200ml

The RAMUNE glass bottle design is an icon of the hot Japanese Summers. Push the blue cap to release the glass marble and drink! Best served ice cold for maximum refreshment, and you can choose from a variety of flavours.

Hello Panda Choco 8/10/50g

Open the box to find cute panda shaped biscuits, then bite into them to find a creamy surprise filling. This easy to share snack is great for school lunch boxes, or put it in a bowl to share at parties!

MEIJI Yan Yan Choco 8/10/50g

A childhood favourite, MEIJI Yan Yan Choco is separated into 2 compartments to keep your biscuits fresh and your cream untouched, take pleasure in breaking the smooth surface of the cream with the first dip. Dip the biscuit sticks into the flavoured cream to eat – perfect your biscuit to cream ratio so you don’t run out of one first!

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