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JA Aoren Kibouno Shizuku (Apple Juice) 6/1L

Japanese fruit juices are known for being extremely refreshing and much healthier than fruit juices from Western countries. Aoren Kibouno Shizuku apple juice is no exception to this! Known for its rich taste, this apple juice is made from 100% Aomori Prefecture apples. It’s often bought as a souvenir due to its regional speciality.

Tonami Yuzu Kajyu 2/20/120ml

Yuzu is the Japanese citrus that is somewhere between an orange and a lemon. It’s bitter yet sweet flavour makes it ideal for desserts likes jelly, cake, or ice cream. It also matches well with many alcohols for fruity cocktails! Have fun with this Summer flavour, and keep some stored away for use in Winter.

WINE FOOD Mirin 12/880ml

Mirin is a type of sake which is much sweeter and used for cooking instead of drinking. Different regions of Japan use mirin differently, and there are different types of mirin, but the most common is using it to create sauces like teriyaki, or mixing it into rice.

HANA Cup Shiro Miso 6/500g

Shiro Miso is the white variety of miso paste which is made from fermented soybeans and rice grains. It has a sweeter flavour than other varieties of miso, and is best used in condiments like mayonnaise, salad dressings, and sauces. Of course you can always use it to make miso soup, too!

WINE FOOD Ryorishu 12/880ml

Usually sake is for drinking, but just like wine made from grapes it also comes in a variety specific for cooking. It’s a more coarse taste which can be used with salt and sugar and other tastes to balance a meal. Ryorishu is especially well matched with seafood and fish. Use it to make a glaze or sauce over the top of your seafood.

JFC Katsuo Bushi SOFT 3/20/25g

Katsuo Bushi might not sound familiar, but you’ve probably heard of bonito flakes. Japanese bonito flakes are made from bonito fish which are dried and then shaved to create these delicate flakes which move beautifully when placed on top of hot foods. They’re regularly added to the top of takoyaki and okonomiyaki, but they’re also a vital ingredient in dashi stock!

JFC Seto Fumi BTL Furikake 3/10/50g (Katsuo Mirin, Nori)

Furikake is a type of miscellaneous seasonings used to mix into or top rice, often found in onigiri. You can add it to the top of your dishes for extra flavour, or for decoration. Try making an onigiri bento box with furikake!

Hotel Mayo Classic 24/400g

Japanese Mayo is a crowd pleaser and it will go on just about anything. Add it to home made pork or chicken katsu, sandwiches, or with fish. It has a creamier and more eggy flavour than Western mayonnaise, try not to get addicted!

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