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SUN Reito Udon 5PCS 2/6/1.25Kg

Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle, served in its simplest form as kake udon – that is, udon in kakejiru sauce made up or mirin, soy, and dashi stock. This can be served hot or cold so you can have it all year round! Keep SUN Reito Udon in your pantry for quick, easy meals.

HIME Dried Soba Noodle 12/720g

Soba noodles are a healthier option as they’re made from buckwheat. They can be eaten hot with a dipping sauce, or cold in salads with chicken and vegetables. Try eating them with a sesame based sauce for a great flavour combination!

HIME Dried Udon Noodle 12/800g

Udon are a thick Japanese noodle which are served as a meal of their own. You can eat them hot in Winter with a dashi soup and lots of vegetables, or cold in the Summer with tempura! Popular dishes include nabeyaki udon and tanuki udon.

Todakyu Morioka Reimen 10/390g

Morioka Reimen is a specialty dish from the Tohoku region of Japan. It’s served cold and can have all sorts of crazy toppings like egg, cucumber, and watermelon! No need to travel all the way to Japan though, as you can enjoy this dish in the comfort of your own home thanks to Todakyu.

HIME Chasoba 12/640g

“Cha” means tea in Japanese, so chasoba is soba noodles with tea as an ingredient! These noodles have powdered green tea added to them, giving them their beautiful colour. Often served cold in Japan, you can also have these hot.

TOKYO RAMEN Chicken 4/12/120g

TOKYO RAMEN is an instant ramen that still retains the original feel of the very first instant ramens! There’s no flavour sachet as it’s already on the dried noodles, so just add hot water. You’ll be impressed by the light soy based soup that develops. Add toppings of your choice to personalise your meal!

MIYA Hogure Yakisoba 90/150g

The perfect alternative to flying to Japan for lunch is to get yourself MIYA Hogure Yakisoba. Delicious and fresh noodles ready to be cooked with your favourite vegetables and meats for a hearty meal. Cook on a super hot flat surface or wok for best results.

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