Japanese At Home

WP Tempurako 24/300g

Tempurako literally means “tempura baby” because it is the little bits of tempura batter which get flicked off when frying things. These little extra bits are scooped up and saved to add crunch and taste to other dishes. Add it to the top of a rice bowl, the top of udon or anything you like!

WP Panko 24/200g

Panko and Japanese breadcrumbs and the literal translation is “bread baby”! As cute as the name is, it’s also delicious as a coating for fried foods like chicken or pork cutlets. Cook in a very light oil for the best crunch and taste.

Musubi Shirataki 14pc 24/230g

Shirataki noodles are very thin, translucent noodles which have almost no calories and are extremely healthy! Made from a type of yam, these noodles are packaged wet and can be rinsed or even dried before using to cook with. Add them to hot pot, or eat them with a dipping sauce.

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