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SAI Edamame 30/300g

SAI Edamame are frozen as soon as the edamame are at their best to ensure you always get a quality product. Simply thaw to room temperature or place in boiling water to make them hot and steamy. Serve as an entree, a side dish, or have as a snack on its own! Edamame are the perfect healthy accompaniment to any dish.


Tonami Yuzu Kajyu 2/20/120ml

Yuzu is the Japanese citrus that is somewhere between an orange and a lemon. It’s bitter yet sweet flavour makes it ideal for desserts likes jelly, cake, or ice cream. It also matches well with many alcohols for fruity cocktails! Have fun with this Summer flavour, and keep some stored away for use in Winter.

UOGASHI Chuka Wakame 12/200g

Chuka Wakame is a conveniently sized pack of frozen wakame seaweed. Thaw it to make a refreshing seaweed salad and serve it as an entree or a side dish to any meal. There are also many health benefits to seaweed.


Musubi Shirataki 14pc 24/230g

Shirataki noodles are very thin, translucent noodles which have almost no calories and are extremely healthy! Made from a type of yam, these noodles are packaged wet and can be rinsed or even dried before using to cook with. Add them to hot pot, or eat them with a dipping sauce.

PT Amazu Shoga Pink 4/25/80g

This beautiful pink coloured pickled ginger has a sharp ginger taste which is used to clean out other flavours from your mouth in between dishes. Use this method of eating to help you appreciate each dish in all its glory!

MIYAZAKI Takuwan L 20/450g

Takuwan is pickled daikon radish. It has a satisfying crunch and is often served as a side dish to traditional style meals, or cut into strips and used in sushi for added texture. It has a slightly sweet taste and is said to aid digestion.

WP Shioyude Edamame 10/454g

Edamame are boiled soybeans still in their pod and lightly salted for a savoury balance of flavour. Find frozen whole soybean pods inside ready to be heated and eaten. Thaw to room temperature or lightly blanch for a hot snack. To eat, suck the beans out of the pod to get the salty flavour.


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