Stork Natural Rice uses an environmentally friendly farming method that cultivates quality rice while nurturing various living creatures, but was originally created to support the Oriental White Storks’ revival. This farming method enforces agricultural laws that aim to enrich the culture, community, and environment; and to cultivate delicious rice and various creatures, including Oriental White Storks. It does not rely on agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers, making it healthy and safe for consumption.
Also, the way the fields are maintained is a little different from other rice growing methods. To help support the Oriental White Stork, the fields are flooded during the winter, and farmers use a method called “deep water management” which requires deeper water levels than general agricultural methods. The deeper water makes weeds less likely to sprout and, along with winter flooding, provides the Oriental White Stork with more food.

Cultivation methods year round

Throughout Japan’s four distinct seasons, we continue to cultivate rice while creating a rich natural environment to support many types of animals. The Stork Natural Rice that is cultivated this way is popular for its rich aroma and plump grains.

Requirements for Stork Friendly Farming Methods

・No agrochemicals are used
・No fertilizer during the cultivating season
・Management of drainage practice on rice paddies
・Rice paddy water depth control


Stork Natural Rice can be purchased within and outside of Japan



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