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Japanese Noodle - Ramen -

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One of the most popular classes is coming again! Learn how to make Ramen with Chef Kanako.

Chef Kanako will bring you to the world of Ramen. The power of Ramen will never go away all year round!


The word "Ramen" is becoming universal, and its popularity is skyrocketing all over the world. Unlike any other noodle dish from Asian countries, Ramen is the one of the most diverse noodle dishes as it has so many different styles and flavours. In this class you will learn the fundamental process of making Ramen from scratch with us! Let's be creative together and have fun!

- MENU -

• Choya Umeshu on arrival


Everything from scratch
• Noodles*
• Soup
• Flavoured boiled eggs
• Chashu Pork

Home-made Gyoza

* Make about 350g of noodles(for 2-3 ppl), so you will be able to take some home with you after the event.

- Location -

10th December 2016 (Saturday)

11:00am ~ 14:00pm

at Culinary Studio Dekura

369 Penshurst St Chatswood NSW 2067
WALK: 20min from Chatswood Station
Bus: 15min from Chatswood Stand D
(136 / 257 / 273 / 275 / M40)

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