Washoku Lovers Kitchen

Sushi(basic skills) and Sake matching

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Chef / Instructor Kanako Wada

Chef Kanako will introduce you to the world of Sushi and Sashimi in this beginner friendly class!


It seems like every year sushi and sashimi become more and more popular. It has become a staple in the Sydney food scene as an easy, fast, and affordable option. But have you ever tried making it yourself? We'll show you not just how to prepare several types of sushi and sashimi, but also teach you about the types of fish and sushi styles that are used in Japan and in Sydney! To top it all off, you'll be given an introduction to sake matching with the beautiful Ippin Sake brewery's Daiginjyo, and Junmai!

- MENU -

• Choya Umeshu on arrival

Sushi and Sashimi:
• Prawn
• Salmon
• Red snapper
• King fish
• Salmon roe
• Tuna
• Scallop

Sake matching
• Ippin Junmai (max 90ml per person)
• Ippin Daiginjyo (max 90ml per person)
• Ippin Awase Yuzu (max 60ml per person)

Here is what you expect to learn!
• How to make sushi rice
• How to slice fish
• How to make Sashimi
• How to make styles such as nigiri sushi, roll sushi and temari sushi
• How to match sake, Junmai Sake, Junmai Daiginjo and Awase Yuzu

- Location -

2nd (Sun) October 2016

Lunch Class: 11:00 ~ 14:00
Dinner Class: 15:00 ~ 18:00

at Culinary Studio Dekura

369 Penshurst St Chatswood NSW 2067
WALK: 20min from Chatswood Station
Bus: 15min from Chatswood Stand D
(136 / 257 / 273 / 275 / M40)

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