Washoku Lovers Kitchen @Tokyo Laundry

"Learn how to make sushi from a new wave chef Mulyadi"

March 3 (Saturday) / March 4 (Sunday) 2018

Are you keen to know how good non-Japanese chef to make Sushi?

His experience is enough to say 'Sushi chef' but he is humble enough to say I am still learning. See his experience from his interview here

He ran similar type of cooking class at Toko and Sokyo. He knew what would make customers exciting and fun. He put all essence into his very first cooking class at Tokyo Laundry! Don't miss out to get you in.

This cooking class is strictly 10 seats only available.

Chef Mulyadi

> Chef Mulyadi's Interview

- Details -

3 and 4 March
Starts 11am for 3 hours

including hands-on cooking and enjoy to feed yourself with a glass of wine

Only 10 seats available

- Contents -

• HIntroduction
• ntroduce fish
• Making sushi rice (chef's demonstration)
• How to cut fish (Chef's demonstration)
• Nigiri sushi *hands-on cooking
• Sushi roll (salmon and avocado) *hands-on cooking
• Hand roll sushi (soft-shell crab) *hands-on cooking
• Enjoy eating time

- Menu -

Kingfish carpaccio

Seasonal dish (vegetarian tofu menu)

make your own

Nigiri sushi

Sushi roll

Hand roll

- with a glass of wine -

- Additional benefit; -

This purchase comes with special coupon (2 x Signature dish -Sushi Tacos $11.80- for 2 people FREE)

Terms and condition:
valid until 15th March, have to order one drink except happy hour

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