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When it comes to Japanese style BBQ, the heat source and grill plate are incredibly important, so you’ll find a more than satisfactory set up at Nikaido. The grill plates are made in Japan and specially fitted to meet Australian standards. The meat is cut to just the right thickness to ensure it cooks optimally on the grill.

Dine in luxury as the tables and interior are made out of Japanese cypress wood. This wood was specially ordered from Japan just to add that touch of excellence to your dining experience. In Japan, cypress is considered to be an especially beautiful material, with a graceful finish that allows you to relax while eating and truly enjoy the food.

Japanese Yakiniku with a traditional cypress interior!From high grade wagyu to Aussie beef, you’ll find a huge array of meats at a great price. The flavours of the meat are enhanced with the Nikaido miso sauce or salted sauce, which have been refined through many trial and errors. These sauces bring out the umami of the meat! Accompany your BBQ with sushi, sashimi, and tempura side dishes. The menu is rounded out with a carefully selected number of izakaya style dishes.

With 100 seats ranging from night views, large tables, and private rooms, Nikaido is perfect for everything from intimate dates to family dinners. We also accommodate for parties and celebrations.

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Hello from Restaurant

AHitoshi Takagaki


After training for 10 years in Kyoto, considered to be the food capital, Taiwan, and Canada, owner and chef Hitoshi has a worldly view of food and tastes. Since coming to Australia, he has worked in restaurant management, including at a ramen shop and an izakaya, he’s now living his dream of running a yakiniku restaurant after being charmed by meat as an ingredient. He and his staff welcome you any time to Nikaido!

Kiku Tomomi

Kanban girl

Tomomi is a former nursery teacher from Aichi Prefecture. She loves kids and treats all the Nikaido customers like her own kids! On her days off she spends them cooking and napping.


Fumi Nakatani

Amazing chef

Born and raised on an island near Kochi Prefecture famous for Japan’s best vegetables. Living on an island, he knows how to sail and learned how to cook plenty of local seafood. These skills come in handy when customers order sushi and sashimi!


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Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant Nikaido MENU

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Monday-Sunday: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Address:Shop12-166Military Road,Neutral Bay NSW

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