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The focus for this small restaurant is of course providing the best Japanese dining service but more importantly the education on the culture of different Japanese cuisines and on the ingredients being used. Each serving of food will be presented by the Itamae directly to the customers with it’s background and reason for the food.

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About Itamae, Kazu (Kazuhito Nakatani)

In recent years, more and more Japanese food products are readily accessible compared to when I first arrived 22 years ago. We are now able to provide the public with Japanese foods that are of similar quality to those that are served in Japan.

To my surprise in Australia in 1996, there were practically no introduction of Japanese food products in the market and such issue had me left thinking that all my skills and talent I acquired of the years are being wasted here.

Now in 2018 things are very different. Almost all products that I need to satisfy my skills are easily accessible and for my third restaurant, I decided to use this to my advantage by opening a small restaurant where not only the customers are able to experience cultural food but also be educated on how the food has being prepared, what ingredients are being offered and why such selections have being made. I wanted to change Australian’s usual dining culture at my restaurant.


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Dinner: Monday – Saturday 18:00 pm – 22:00 pm

Sunday, Monday and public holiday are closed

Address: 50 Llankelly Place Potts Point 2011
Phone: 02 9331 1367

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