Sydney World Rice Festival

7 – 8 October
Tumbalong Green, Darling Harbour

We are excited to introduce you to JAPANESE RICE which is the foundation of Japanese food culture such including our spirit and history.

All our food will be made by Akitakomachi from Akita prefecture. Even in Sydney, You can enjoy an authentic Japanese rice flavour at our food vendor.

Akitakomachi spplied by Vox Trading Australia Pty Led

For Regular Sale

At Sydney World Rice Festival, Washoku Lovers are partnering with chef Takumi to bring you yakionigiri (grilled rice balls) in two great flavours. The first flavour is kikkoman soy sauce and miso, and the other is mouth-watering wagyu sukiyaki rice balls (wrapped in thinly-sliced wagyu beef).

Kikkoman soy sauce makes grilled rice balls perfect. We make them on a charcoal grill and it comes with a delicious smoky flavour.

Itoen Oi Ocha green tea is always good…

Itoen green tea is always good to have with rice, ever since thousands of years ago. We always enjoy rice with green tea. We will introduce the best pairing rice and green tea in a limited supply.

Cooking Demonstration / Limited Supply 20 boxes only

- Temarizushi + Origami box -

- Washoku Lovers team at the World Rice Festival -


Yuri is the founder of Washoku Lovers, she has a huge passion to introduce washoku - Japanese food culture- into Australian! She is thrilled to see that her idea has come true at this event.


Takumi is excited to show his cooking technique at the event, demonstrating skills from his 17 year long professional career. See his interview here.


Mia is so honored to be here as a part of Washoku Lovers. This amazing opportunity can make one of her dream come true which is becoming a bridge between Australia and Japan through the culture!


Yumi is proud to be a part of Washoku Lovers. As a calligrapher, she shows her passion in her art. Japanese rice has always been associated with the Japanese spirit.


Chiaki grew up making Japanese rice in Nagasaki prefecture. She knows about Japanese rice more than anything else and is passionate about introducing her Onigiri to everyone.

Special guest

Midori Furze

Midori is a Japanese-born, Sydney-based contemporary artist.
She specialised in origami and she often works with event management agencies to design and produce unique origami products.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

- Onigiri-Action Campaign -


Oct.16-Nov.30 2017 ※Oct.16 World Food Day



How to join

Take the picture of onigiri and Oi Ocha brand Post your pic on SNS with hashtag

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#OnigiriAction #oiocha
ITO EN Onigiri Action2016 (2017 coming soon)

10 school meals are delivered to the children in need through TFT

#OnigiriAction hashtag can deliver 5 meals
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*Only "Onigiri" can join this campaign. (No shshi)

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