Ichiju-sansai -well-balanced Japanese meal style-


Staying at home is the“new normal” since COVID-19. Home is not only your sanctuary to sleep anymore, but also a multi faceted living place there. Even after the covid restrictions are lifted, we might keep working from home which means we will have more time to cook and eat at home. How about taking this opportunity to have hearty and nutritious meals to better manage our overall health.

Ichiju-sansai is a style of Japanese food which consists of rice, miso soup at its base and three dishes including one main and two sides.

Why Ichiju-sansai is good for you?

  • Ichiju-sansai contents more than twenty ingredients including fermented seasonings such as miso and soy sauce. All ingredients are balanced with protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • This is not a shared style and we have an individual set for each, so we can see exactly how much amount of food we consume which is good for controlling the amount of food.
  • It’s not only one dish so we eat different dishes at the same time, which is not only tasty but also helps our digestion.

Ideal balance of Ichiju-sansai

What is your purpose of eating foods every days? We all want to have healthy body and live without worrying about health issues. Of course how we look is important but I believe that our physical health health is more important than anything else. Ichiju-sansai is one of the ideal meals which can help you live healthily and we know it works because long-living Japanese people have eaten this ichiju-sansai style for a long times. The key is a totally balanced meal. We all have different body composition which are mostly affected by where you are from in terms of our genetic composition. For example, generally speaking, Asian people are from agriculture-based background, can have more capacity to digest carbs than fatty protein. Western people, on the other hand, as hunting origin, are good at digesting a lot of protein especially meats. So if for example you’re doing keto genic diet which is taking fat and protein only, or some diets which are restricted to only one thing, might cause you health issues in the long term. If you go to a doctor to check the body composition first, that wouldn’t be a issue.
When you want to lose your weight, we tend to cut carbohydrate first. Sugars from sweets and glucoses from carbs may affect our weight immediately. It might be true or maybe not, it may depend on how much you eat. Well, sugars from sweets do not have nutrients so it’s best to reduce how much you eat, however, glucose from carbs works well in your body and does many things, and gives you a sense of satisfaction. The satiety centre of hypothalamus is responsible for the control of food intake. And carbs are the food tend to score high on a scale called the satiety index. Eating slowly as a behaviour of eating would work for your satisfaction too. Ichiju-sansai has dishes which take time to consume so it would be good in both balanced and time consuming.
According to Ministry of Health, this is the recommended daily intake.

If you wish to have all nutrition as recommended, Ichiju-sansai is the best for you.
A little bowl of rice would send the sign to the satiety centre to make and feel you full. We use miso in soup and also as in seasoning which is perfect way to consum fermented food.
This Ichiju-sansai consists of a good balance of protein, minerals and vegetables to follow the recommended daily intake.

Delivery Ichiju-sansai to your door steps

Japanese food market in Australia is now well developed so you can enjoy delicious variety. Also chefs are motivated themselves to take their skills to different levels with other food cultures in a multi-cultured country. We, fortunately, have more choices to enjoy authentic Japanese food and fusion Japanese foods at restaurants. Also, because we spend more time at home now, I would love to suggest you to enjoy well-balanced Japanese food right there in your home.

The chef from Shiki Japanese restaurant graduated from the most famous cooking school in Japan called Tsuji cooking school, and started his career from one of the most traditional Japanese restaurant called Kicho in Osaka. Since he moved to Sydney, Australia in 2007, he has had passion to introduce Japanese traditional taste into Australia. For this ichiju-sansai, I as a Japanese dietitian calculated the nutrition so that it can be perfectly balanced, and chef Takumi cooked all dishes in his traditional way.

Menu of Ichiju-sansai

  • Mackerel fish, Miso
  • Stewed Wagyu beef, potatoes and vegetables
  • kinpira vegetables
  • Miso soup
  • Rice, Japanese rice, Akitakomachi

We delivery this meal set to your door steps in Sydney, see the deliverable area from here, to close the order by the end of Wednesday. Hope you stay healthy with Washoku ☺

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