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Gifu prefecture event @ Masuya in Sydney


On the 13th September 2019, Washoku Lovers was honoured to attend a ceremony introducing a new Japanese river fish called Ayu to Sydney in the very first tasting event.  The Governor of Gifu prefecture, Mr Hajime Furuta shared his excitement with strong passion that this beautiful local produce from Gifu prefectures is now going to be available in Australia.

Mr Kazuhiro Tamada, chairman of GIAHS ‘Ayu of the Nagata River’ promotion association explained how delicious Ayu are and hopes they will be imported as a whole into Australia including head and offal, which are the most delicious part. At present Ayu is exported to Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong. with Australia now becoming the 4th country to import them from Gifu prefecture.

Mr Ken Sadamatsu, CEO of Masuya restaurant, is proudly announced the Masuya is the first registered restaurant to promote Ayu in Australia. He also mentioned how popular Japanese wagyu beef is for Australians. Masuya promised to promote Ayu as well as Hida beef in his restaurant.

A special lunch bento box was served. The menu is mainly focused of course on Gifu Ayu and Hida beef using local Gifu region cooking method. We enjoyed Gifu Ayu in three different ways, Kanroni-syle, grilled and even a dish served with Gifu rice Hatsushimo. Of course we loved the seared Hida Beef as well as the Hida beef sushi. I personally loved Hida Red Kabu which was the centre of the bento box.

The Australian department of agriculture suggested to remove the head and guts from Gifu Ayu when they’re imported into Australia, even though people in Japan really enjoy the taste of these parts. With the head we can enjoy eating the whole fish and keep the freshness. We also find the bitter taste of the guts of Gifu Ayu is the tastiest part. Non-Japanese attendees enjoyed the fish anyway without the head and guts because of the very delicate taste. Mr Kazuhiro Tamada, as a chairman of Gifu Ayu promotion association said that they are still petitioning the Australian government to allow us to import Gifu Ayu as a whole fish.

This river fish, Gifu Ayu, is easy to eat. They are a lot of thin bones inside, but don’t worry. It’s all calcium to have all of it. Once Australian people know how to eat Gifu Ayu, then they enjoy it even more.

Don’t try to remove the bones. Eating it all is as easy as eating whole fish, and you can really enjoy the fine and delicate texture of Gifu Ayu.

Hida Beef is one of the most delicious Japanese wagyu beefs. Look at this marbles. This rich fat melts on your tongue!

Master of Sushi Chef, Mr Oe, made the most incredible wagyu beef sushi using Hida Beef. Aburi added a smoky flavour on top and wasabi gave the well-balanced fat and umami as gourmet sushi.

Governor of Gifu prefecture gave all the guests gifts made in Gifu prefecture. Mr Dion Woo was very happy to received his first-ever Japanese socks made in Japan. ” I would love to visit Gifu prefecture, it’s at the top of my list for where to go for my holiday. ”

The event was a big success promoting Gifu produce as well as Gifu prefecture its self. I could see all attendees would definitely love to visit Gifu prefecture.


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