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Yasaka Ramen’s New Seasonal Menu


Yasaka Ramen (both Neutral Bay and the city store) will be hosting a number of 1 month only menus, and they’re kicking it off with NIBOTON and NIBOCHIKI ramen! These are available until the end of April, and starting in May there will be an all new special, so get excited!

#R1 – 押忍!!! We had an EXCLUSIVE first taste of Yasaka's April Seasonal Special! #R3 will kick things off with the Niboton, available from tomorrow (3rd of April) till the end of the month! #R3 – The new seasonal Ramens from Yasaka are something we haven't seen in Sydney and are a big homage to Japan! The Neutral Bay store and city store do have different soups which will change the flavour a bit. We ate at Neutral Bay where it's a more traditional tonkotsu and with the added niboshi powder it is a really hearty soup with a lot of depth. I usually think chicken soups have more refinement to them, but this tonkotsu has added layers of flavour, including a nice hit of pepper, that makes it stand out from your regular tonkotsu varieties.The toppings were standard and didn't need anything else. If anything the only complaint is I'd wish the nori was a bigger piece because the seaweed flavour paired so well with the fishy niboshi. The soup does get gritty down the bottom, so don't feel obliged to finish it. As always, Yasaka noodles are perfectly cooked and match well with the thickness of the soup. This is only available for the month of April and I would suggest not missing out. TL;DR – A genuine Japanese ramen that you may be surprised by. Score: ????⭕️? Ramen: Niboton Style: Shio/Seafood Broth: Pork Price: $16.00 AUD Shop: From Yasaka Ramen, 126 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW 2000 OR Yasaka Neutral Bay, Shop 1, 161-163 Military Rd, Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW 2089. #RamenWithFriends your next Ramen and get involved! Follow us on Instagram! #ramen #ラーメン #らーめん #拉麵 #라멘 #ราเมง #博多ラーメン #yasaka #yasakaramen #seasonalspecial #limited #tonkotsu #niboshi #sardines #sydney #ramensydney #sydneyramen #Australia

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The NIBOTON is niboshi (dried sardines) + tonkotsu (pork bone soup). Since the two stores have different soup making methods, if you’d prefer a thicker and heartier tonkotsu head to Neutral Bay, while a slightly lighter version can be had at the city store. The soup is incredibly rich and layered with different flavours of fish, pork, and pepper. It’s interesting to note that the niboshi comes not as a mixed in soup, but as a powder that you mix yourself, meaning you can taste the tonkotsu on its own before mixing in the niboshi and tasting the difference.

The NIBOTORI on the other hand is niboshi + tori (chicken) soup. The niboshi is much more obvious in the tori version, as Yasaka’s chicken soup is light rather than heavy like the tonkotsu. The toppings on both ramen are the same (and they’re both $16) and we LOVE the cute slices of Naruto fish cakes – we don’t see them around as much as we’d like to.

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