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Yuri's passion for washoku started a long time ago - ever since she enjoyed cooking with her beautiful mum. She decided to become a dietitian to learn more about food science. She is keen to know why Japanese foods are so healthy, to find out good tips for a long life, and to learn about functional foods like vegetables and seaweeds. As a Japanese dietitian, she is proud of Japanese food culture. There are many elements that make up why washoku is so good, including beautiful colours, and each dish is a well balanced meal. She’d love to share anything related to Japanese food culture from her personal view, sometimes as a Japanese dietitian, sometimes just as a foodie, and sometimes as a huge sake drinker😃

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Kayla completed her undergraduate degree at UNSW, majoring in Japanese studies. She has gone on exchange and backpacked all around Japan. At university, she was also the president and events manager of an on-campus cooking club. Combining her love of cooking with Japanese culture, she'll give you everything you need to know to get the best out of Washoku!

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Kanako Wada is the resident Washoku Lovers Kitchen Chef, teaching all the best tips and tricks to master the Japanese cuisine. Born in Kobe, she started cooking at 8 years old and now specialises in decorative sushi and Japanese alcohol like shochu, sake, and Japanese whisky! She worked in a traditional Japanese sweets shop before coming to Australia and working in a sushi restaurant. From street food to fine dining, if Kanako sees or eats something, she instantly wants to know how to recreate it. You can see all her creations on her personal Instagram, @washoku_do

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Marta graduated in Japanese Studies from Kraków, Poland, studied East Asian Art History in Germany and has lived, studied and worked in Japan for 16 years—in Tokyo, Zushi and Kyoto. Fluent in five languages, she is currently working as a freelance translator, book designer & author.While still in Kyoto before she moved to Sydney she discovered the contemporary mural artist Ki-Yan (Hideki Kimura) and collaborated with him, resulting in her latest book ”Ki-Yan’s Kyoto Food & Art Explore Kyoto through the Artwork of a Japanese Pop Artist”—a unique pictorial English-Japanese guidebook introducing Ki-Yan’s works located mainly in the restaurants and cafes of Kyoto. Since her first day in Japan, Marta has been passionate about traditional Japanese ingredients, contributing to the longevity of Japanese people, and now she is also proudly making her own organic miso. Marta is happy not only to introduce to you some “Washoku & Art” restaurants in Kyoto featuring the amazing mural art by Ki-Yan, but also to share her experience of macrobiotic and organic cafes and restaurants in Japan.

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Jane Lawson is a well-respected Australian food and travel writer and publisher with a strong focus on Japan. While she lives most of the year in Sydney, these days she calls Kyoto her spiritual home and is there as much as her busy schedule allows. Jane is the founder of Zenbu Tours specialising in Japanese Cuisine and Culture experiences and hosts just a handful of intimate, in-depth tours each year – with beautiful Kyoto as the base. Jane has written several successful books on Japanese food including Zenbu Zen – Finding Food, Culture and Balance in Kyoto - penned while she was living and researching in the historical Higashiyama area just east of the city grid. Jane’s other titles include Yoshoku and A little taste of Japan. She is currently writing two new titles for Murdoch Books. In recent years Jane has been engaged by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to talk to travel and food media about Japanese cuisine and ‘Tokyo Food’ and she regularly advises journalists, chefs and food-loving travellers on the joys of Japanese cuisine and culinary culture – both Washoku and Yoshoku and how to find the best examples of it in Japan. Jane’s passion for the country and its cuisine was sparked during Japanese language and culture lessons in highschool over 30 years ago and she’s been developing and building her knowledge of Japan as a both a fascinated traveller and part-time resident ever since.

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Maki lives in Tokyo with her husband. She is a sales person for a publishing company. She likes cooking, eating and drinking. She will introduce her home cooking, restaurants in Japan and Japanese culture.

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Sherina is a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger with an undergraduate degree at UNSW, majoring in Japanese studies and human resource management. Her first encounter with the Japanese culture all began with sushi and anime which has become a part of her life. Additionally, her everlasting love for delicious food and travelling has led her to travel to Japan twice in 2015, exploring and experiencing its’ amazing beauty.

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Ayano is currently studying her Master's of International Relations at Macquarie University after completing her Bachelor's degree in English Communication in Japan. Born in Saitama, next to Tokyo, she grew up eating classical Japanese meals of rice and fish. She loves Izakaya dining, and the uniqueness of Japanese food culture. In particular, she's especially knowledgeable about sake. Having worked as an intern in the sake industry and visiting over 10 breweries in just the Kanto region, she loves the level of care and attention that goes into it, including the cups it's served in.

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Jason is an undergraduate student currently studying at UNSW, majoring in marketing. His passion towards Japan started off with a Japanese anime called GeGeGe no Kitarō. Born and raised in an international city - Hong Kong, he had the privilege to try out different type of cuisines at a young age and Japanese food is always his all time favourite. In addition, he travels to japan with his family and friends regularly which allows him to gain experience from different parts of Japan. In his spare time, he likes to hangout with four of his Shiba Inus, explore the fashion trend and sports news of Japan. With his experience, he will share the best Japanese cuisines out of Japan, Hong Kong and Australia with you!

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Akira is originally from Japan who now does web design in Sydney. He likes beer and playing the guitar.

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