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KAISEKI – Chef Kazu’s seasonal creation – is coming to Sydney!

By yuri, Posted on 16/02/2023

Make your reservations  The ubiquity of OMAKASE continues to delight so many people, while at the same time it may have overstated its welcome with purists, especially if the concept has been adapted to better suit the restaurant. The phrase “leave it to the chef” (or “OMAKASE”) gives chefs the freedom to serve whatever they […]


Wakayama prefecture’s finest sake bar just opened in Neutral Bay

By yuri, Posted on 10/12/2022

Tucked away down a quiet street, like a secret hide away, Sake Bar En newly opened on the 25th of November in Neutral Bay, Sydney. This bar is a small venue that only seats about 20 people but serves many kinds of Japanese whiskies, especially, Wakayama Prefecture’s finest sake and umeshu (plum wine), as well […]


New Hidden Sake Bar in Neutral Bay!

By yuri, Posted on 01/11/2022

Nowadays, you can enjoy sake at pretty much any Japanese restaurant, so you probably think sake isn’t that hard to get, right? Sake, just like wine, has myriad characteristics depending on which prefecture it is made in and how it is produced. In this sense, Sake Bar En is the first sake bar in Sydney, […]


Japanese vegan cuisine called SHOJIN RYORI – healthy and tasty and full of history –

By yuri, Posted on 06/11/2020

Executive chef Shibata from Tokyo Laundry at Circular Quay has used his downtime during COVID to work on the first ever Japanese vegan cuisine, called Shojin cuisine, degustation menu. This Japanese vegan cuisine is based on Buddhism philosophy called Shojin cuisine. I believe there are some common themes with veganism where people choose to live […]


The Magic of OMAKASE starts with a Fishmonger!

By yuri, Posted on 03/09/2020

OMAKASE is a place where you can meet the season through your tasting experience. Customers are sitting in front of a chef with complete trust to now enjoy the Spring season through the chefs’ special creations. OMAKASE chefs have extraordinary cooking skills and are in selecting essential seasonal ingredients many of which are delivered to […]


First and only SAKE OMAKASE in Australia

By yuri, Posted on 19/08/2020

“Omakase” is a super hot word among Japanese cuisine nowadays. We are all enjoying the concept of OMAKASE where customers trust what the chef serves up for you, so why not expand it into SAKE and have SAKE OMAKASE! Thrilling to hear from Mr Kanamaru who has been working at Masuya Japanese Restaurant for a […]


What is different between ramen soup like Tonkotsu and soup-less ramen like Mazesoba?

By yuri, Posted on 03/07/2020


3 reasons why we have been told that eating ramen soup should be as quick as possible The interesting scene I can see here in Australia is foodies love to eat ramen soup while drinking cocktails or wines – it looks very cool actually, people get dressed up for the night out and eat ramen […]


5 OMAKASE restaurants in Sydney you must try

By yuri, Posted on 14/07/2020

Omakase restaurants open one after another. Specialty omakase restaurants with limited counter seats are a red hot trend here in Sydney. Omakase is a unique word in which we recognize the word as it is, such as sushi, we don’t say thinly sliced raw fish on top of a small piece of cooked rice. What is […]


A new boom, Yakitori culture in Australia – Yakitori At Home

By yuri, Posted on 26/06/2020


In Japan, Yakitori is a typical kind of snack you have with drinks after work on the way home.  There are many Yakitori restaurants near Shinbashi station called Yakitori alley. Shinbashi is a town among buildings with a lot of salary-men or as we say, “blue collar workers”.. Now after covid, some people are choosing to work […]


Ichiju-sansai -well-balanced Japanese meal style-

By yuri, Posted on 23/06/2020

Staying at home is the“new normal” since COVID-19. Home is not only your sanctuary to sleep anymore, but also a multi faceted living place there. Even after the covid restrictions are lifted, we might keep working from home which means we will have more time to cook and eat at home. How about taking this […]