Written by yuri

Interview with Gaku Robata Grill, One Hat winner

By yuri, Posted on 18/11/2019

In April 2018, two Japanese chefs who had honed their skills at the some of the world’s best French restaurants opened their own restaurant together in Darlinghurst.   The name of that restaurant was Gaku Robata Grill Restaurant. Gaku is written with a Japanese character meaning “enjoyment” which tells you a lot about their guiding […]


Gifu prefecture event @ Masuya in Sydney

By yuri, Posted on 19/09/2019

On the 13th September 2019, Washoku Lovers was honoured to attend a ceremony introducing a new Japanese river fish called Ayu to Sydney in the very first tasting event.  The Governor of Gifu prefecture, Mr Hajime Furuta shared his excitement with strong passion that this beautiful local produce from Gifu prefectures is now going to […]


What is nana (seven) kusa (herb) gayu (porridge) ?

By yuri, Posted on 03/01/2019

We, Japanese people, have a lot of washoku traditions. It’s only the 7th January, but this washoku tradition will be the second event of the year after osechi ryori. Today, on 7 January, we eat Nanakusa gayu. Nana means seven, kusa shows herbs and gayu is a word for porridge. This Nanakusa gayu tradition starts […]


Yasaka Ramen Neutral Bay

By yuri, Posted on 25/01/2018

Neutral Bay is the second shop to open from Takeshi Sekigawa and Ben Zhang, the co-owners of Yasaka Ramen. Known for their tonkotsu (pork bone) soup and noodles made in store, they’ve challenged themselves to new methods at Neutral Bay. Using a more traditional method to make the soup known as a ‘rolling boil’, the […]


Omakase sushi degustation by Chef Takumi from Shiki Japanese restaurant

By yuri, Posted on 06/11/2017

Shiki Japanese restaurant

Sunday night in the rainy weather, I didn’t expect so many people to be dining out. Of course it’s not the for all restaurants for sure, especially located in the city. But I found a very popular Japanese restaurant in the Rocks, Shiki Japanese Restaurant. At 6pm on November 5th, there were more than just […]


Chef Miura’s guide to Imperadore Fish

By yuri, Posted on 03/10/2017

Imperadore fish is called nanyo kinmedai (南洋金目鯛) in Japanese, and winter is the best season to eat it. For our Washoku Lovers Seafood Guide, I regularly visit the Sydney Fish Market to find out what’s in season. Going often means I get to meet skilled chefs there, such as Chef Miura from Rosan and a […]


Sydney Fish Market behind the scenes

By yuri, Posted on 19/09/2017

Sydney Fish Market is very different to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo even though it’s the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere, and the second largest fish market in the world when it comes to diversity of produce available. Every day, 55,000kg of seafood is traded with over 100 different species available to buy. […]


Takoyaki -authentic Osaka style-

By yuri, Posted on 12/09/2017

Takoyaki at Kirribilli Market

If you love Takoyaki you may know where it comes from – Osaka! I am also from Osaka, we have so much passion for Takoyaki in my home town 🙂  We eat Takoyaki as a snack or lunch for little kids, and one Takoyaki machine at each home is normal so we can enjoy Takoyaki […]


Washoku Lovers Booking system -Japanese restaurants online booking- starts today!

By yuri, Posted on 05/09/2017


Hello spring! We hope all of you enjoy this beautiful season with lots of fun and delicious Washoku foods 🙂 From September 1st, we are excited to launch the beta of Washoku Lovers Booking system. From now until the end of November, we invite you all to make a reservation at either Izakaya Samurai in Neutral […]


Koji Koike Dishes Up Sushi in Singapore

By yuri, Posted on 04/08/2017

Eat it now!

I recently visited Singapore because I was curious to know about Sushi chef Koji Koike. He opened Sushi 36 (Sabu Roku), in early 2017. Chef Koike is passionate about bringing sushi culture to the next level, “NOBU raised the world’s awareness of sushi culture with the California sushi roll. Nowadays, people all over the world […]