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Kimitaka Azuma

Azuma chef

Name: Kimitaka Azuma
Country of Origin: Japan
Restaurant: Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Washoku Lovers: How long have you been cooking professionally?
Chef Azuma: I have been cooking professionally for 45 years.

How long have you been living in Australia?

Chef Azuma: I have been here for 24 years.

WL:Were you a chef in Japan?

Chef Azuma: I have been working as a chef in Tokyo, Kyushu, and Bangkok.

Azuma chef

WL: Where did you train to cook “Washoku”?
Chef Azuma: Sushi Restaurants and Kappo Restaurant in Tokyo & Hotel in Kyushu

Were there any opportunities to start to learn “Washoku”

Chef Azuma: The Restaurant I mentioned in answer no four.

What do you think about cooking “Washoku” out of Japan?

Chef Azuma: I think it is the great opportunity to introduce Japanese Culture.
When I started a restaurant in 24 years ago in Sydney, only “Washoku’ Available here was Teriyaki, Sushi and Tempura.
Luckily, now we can get much higher grade and wider range of local ingredients, and I don’t feel any difference between cooking in Sydney and Japan.
Now, Sydneysiders have cultivated a better understanding of Japanese cuisine.

Do you have a “Washoku signature dish” or a “favourite Washoku dish” you enjoy cooking?

Chef Azuma: Seared Tuna Salad (picture attached).

Azuma sushi

WL: What’s your opinion on mixing Washoku with other food cultures?
Chef Azuma: Japanese ingredients are often used in various cuisines such as French and Italian.
It, I think, is because Washoku culture is popular internationally.

Anything funny you’d like to share?

Chef Azuma: N/A

Is there another chef that you most admire?

Chef Azuma: Mr Tetsuya – He is the wealth of ideas in Japanese cuisine.

Any advises (suggestions) to Washoku Lovers when they eat Washoku?

Chef Azuma: N/A

Any advice you would give to someone wanting to become a chef?

Chef Azuma: Perseverance prevails – Back to basics is the key.

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