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Toru Nakajima


Owner chef : Toru Nakazima

Restaurant: Yakitori Jin

Washoku Lovers: Which country are you from?

Chef Toru: Hyogo prefecture, Japan


Washoku Lovers: How long have you been cooking professionally?

Chef Toru: More than 20 years. My parents ran a Sushi restaurant when I was born. The shop was actually started by my grandfather so I am a third-generation chef. I started out helping my parents by washing dishes and then as a kitchen hand when I was a teenager. I was grateful to be in the restaurant because it felt like I was being an adult.

Washoku Lovers: How long have you been living in Australia?

Chef Toru: I first came to Australia on a working holiday and dreamed of living here. So, I returned to Japan to learn sushi properly at one of the most traditional sushi restaurants in Osaka, called Sushiman (established in 1653) and then came back to Australia as a sushi chef in 2004.
I started my career at Sake restaurant in The Rocks for the opening of Sokyo at the Star.
I also worked at Hana Ju-Rin and Ippudo Australia.


Washoku Lovers: Do you have a “Washoku signature dish” or a favourite Washoku dish you enjoy cooking?

Chef Toru: Sushi and Yakitori

Washoku Lovers: What’s your opinion on mixing Washoku with other food cultures?

Chef Toru: I think it’s a good thing. I enjoy making Japanese food on fusion style for my entrée but I always keep the traditional and authentic way to making sushi. That’s my style.


Washoku Lovers: Is there another chef that you most admire?

Chef Toru: Chase Kojima
I was working with him when Sokyo opened. I admire him because he is not only a great chef but also a good business man.



Washoku Lovers: Any advice (suggestions) for Washoku Lovers members when they eat Washoku?

Chef Toru: I always try to make my customers happy through my food. When you have tough day, please visit us to enjoy my food. I will try my best to make delicious Japanese meals. Once you have something OISHII, then you will be fine tomorrow. Or even if you’ve had a really good day, visit us to share your happiness. You will be happier than ever.
I always think that this is a fun part of my job – making customers happy. I’m grateful to be a chef.


Washoku Lovers: Any advice you would give to someone wanting to become a chef?

Chef Toru: Boys, be ambitious!

Washoku Lovers: Any final thoughts you would like to share to Washoku Lovers?

Chef Toru: I love the concept of Washoku Lovers. Washoku Lovers selects restaurants their restaurants exclusively based on the chef. I’m proud to be part of it.


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