Gold Class Daruma

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Hidden inside the Grace Hotel is a single room that transports you to high end sushi restaurants in the heart of Japan. At Gold Class Daruma we aim to provide authentic and traditional flavours to our customers. Both the finest seafood and fresh seasonal vegetables are combined to create dishes that represent the quality of the ingredients. We hope you enjoy your experienes here through our exceedingly trained chefs, the quality dishes provided and the warm hospitality from all of us.

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Hello from Restaurant

SAKE Omakase Course available on Held once a month.
Please see the homepage for details.

Chef Taka’s passon is always there to make his original omakase

Chef Yuta from Kobe, Hyogo prefecture is excited to introducing his sushi omakase

Daigo Kani

Have an experience in Japan for 10 years.
Then moved to Sydney, Australia.
I joined to set up 10 restaurants in Sydney.

Q, What’s the best thing about being chef?
A, Working with special ingredients, brilliant staffs and customers.

Q, Three words to describe your cooking style.
A, Passion, Creation and Tradition.

Q, What you wish to customers.
A, Really enjoy the way of Japanese style.


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Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm


7days 5:30pm-9pm

Address: The Grace Hotel Level 1, 77 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

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Level 1, The Grace Hotel, 77 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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